At the University of Surrey we are proud to be ranked in the top 10 for overall satisfaction for psychology in the National Student Survey (NSS) 2018. Our courses provide our students with an unbeatable combination of personal, professional and academic opportunities in a vibrant and supportive setting.

Our School of Psychology is home to world-class research and our students are given opportunities to be involved in research from day one. Our research is advancing the state of knowledge surrounding creativity, perception, behaviour and the very processes involved in thinking itself, focusing on the application of psychology in the real world. Our research centres explore topics from the brain and behaviour, health psychology, and environmental psychology, through to cognitive psychology and clinical intervention.

Our recent psychology research includes how social media can make people perceive worsening physical health, why adults with cerebral palsy are more likely to develop depression and anxiety, how meditation can help people respond better to feedback, how social stigma contributes to poor mental health in the autistic community, the reasons why 24-hour working is detrimental to health and why police officers are at risk of developing PTSD.

Psychology students at Surrey benefit from our renowned Professional Training placement programme, as they get to experience working in their chosen field with our wide range of outstanding placement partners. Such as Anna Stitson who worked at TJX Europe, Lucy Todd and Jonny Beavis who both completed their placements at a private residential rehab centre, Hannah Craig who did hers at St Thomas’ Hospital and Matt Finch who did his placement at an inpatient mental health ward.

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“My best moment at Surrey has definitely been completing my placement year. I have developed lots of different professional and personal skills.”
Anna Stitson, Psychology

“My overall experience of studying for a PhD at Surrey was characterised by the fantastic support from my supervisor, fellow PhD students and staff in the School of Psychology.”
Pippa Tollow, PhD Health Psychology

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