Physician Associate

Our PGDip Physician Associate course has produced dedicated and passionate professionals that are currently working in the NHS in areas such as primary care, and acute medicine and surgery.

Our course gives our students the skills they need to thrive as they work in this new and exciting position within healthcare. With us they develop the knowledge and skills that modern practice demands, and the ability to assess, diagnose and manage various medical problems as self-assured and confident medical professionals.

Our students are taught by academics that are recognised internationally for their expertise in medicine. They also get the opportunity to spend time with an experienced senior doctor and assist patients who present with numerous different conditions. Our students appreciate the opportunity to gain this highly valuable experience, such as Krishni Manorajan who enjoyed the opportunity to work at The Whitely Clinic, Pahim Miah who spent time on placement in General Practice and Miriam Ncube who commented on how supportive the lecturers were on the course.

At Surrey we understand the importance of studying, developing your clinical skills and placement experience opportunities. Because of this, our course is a natural step up from a successful undergraduate degree in biosciences, life sciences or health sciences for graduates who want to become a qualified physician associate.

By the time you graduate from the course, you will be able to provide medical care to the standard defined by the National Examination for Physician Associates, allowing you to work as a confident Physician Associate.

This programme has significantly changed my future, I can definitely say I have learnt immense amounts in a small period of time and look forward to the lifetime of learning to come whilst working within the NHS
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