Holly’s story


Holly’s story

Holly Boothroyd moved 5,000 miles away from home to study computing and information technology at Surrey, and she hasn’t looked back since.

After impressing her employer during her Professional Training placement year, Holly was offered her dream job working for Microsoft as a Software Engineer.

Holly hopes that other young women will look at her journey and realise that they too, can have a fulfilling and successful career in the industry.

Discover how she grew from a little girl playing video games with her Dad, to the successful woman working in tech that she is today. And how Surrey helped make it possible.

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Holly's graduation

Guildford Cathedral, sitting atop a hill at the edge of Stag Hill campus, had always been a beacon for Holly during her time as Surrey student. It reminded her of her goals and made her determined to achieve them one day.

Holly’s graduation was the accumulation of four years of hard work. But it also followed four years of laughter, friendships, adventure and personal growth.

When that day came, she felt that Surrey had given her all she needed to go out into the world and achieve incredible things.

Discover what it was that made Holly’s graduation such as special day, and why it was only the start of her Surrey story.

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Holly’s life before University

Holly had always been intrigued by technology.

When she was a young girl she played video games with her father and loved solving puzzles. As she grew up, these two passions came together to spark something amazing.

Both Holly’s father and her grandfather had worked in the tech industry. It didn’t take her long to realise that technology was also where her passion lay. After taking every opportunity during school to further her skills, university was the next stop on her journey.

Listen to Holly reflect on how picking up a game controller when she was five developed into the career she has now, and how Surrey helped make it happen.

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Holly’s future

Holly graduated from Surrey with a BSc in Computing and Information Technology in 2018. She now works in her dream job at Microsoft UK, but still believes there’s so much more to achieve.

Holly has big plans to further develop her own career, as well as help other women succeed in the tech industry.

Holly is now part of a Women at Microsoft group that runs events for women in tech, whether they’re returning to work after a career break or just starting out in their careers. She’s excited about what the future will look like for women in the industry.

Discover how her strong work ethic and steadfast beliefs are helping her take those first steps. And uncover how her experience at Surrey empowered her to do so.

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Holly’s placement

The University of Surrey’s renowned Professional Training placement programme was one of the main reasons that Holly chose to study here.

With thousands of placement partners and experienced staff to help you every step of the way, few universities prepare their students for life after graduation as well as Surrey does.

Holly always knew she wanted to work at Microsoft. When she was accepted for a placement at their UK headquarters, she was ecstatic.

Throughout the year Holly impressed Microsoft with her energy, passion and drive. When her placement was over, she was offered her dream job for when she graduated.

Discover what it is that makes a great placement student and how Surrey can help you get there.

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Holly’s life at Surrey

The university experience is about more than just lectures. It’s about friendship, laughter, fun and discovery.

When Holly first came to Surrey she knew she’d found the right university for her as soon as she stepped onto campus. During her time as a student, she made sure that she experienced everything Surrey had to offer.

From visiting her lecturers in their office hours and spending time studying in the Library, to jumping on the train to London or having a night out at the Students’ Union bar Rubix, Holly experienced it all.

Discover why Holly loved life at Surrey, and her advice for making the most of your university experience.

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