El-Tayeb’s story


El-Tayeb's story

El-Tayeb always knew that he wanted to help people, and pursue a career that would make a difference to people’s lives. That desire is what brought him to Surrey.

But Surrey gave him more than just a great education in biomedical science. It opened his eyes to a world of possibilities, for both his career and the future of healthcare.

By combining science and business, El-Tayeb became part of a team that developed an innovative healthcare solution that would help improve the lives of care home residents.

With his company set up and a pilot underway, El-Tayeb is already primed to make a real difference to the health and wellbeing of thousands.

Learn more about El-Tayeb’s journey, and discover how Surrey helped him along the way.

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El-Tayeb's life before university

El-Tayeb’s parents have always been supportive of their son.

His mother taught him English from a young age and his father instilled in him the importance of hard work.

El-Tayeb is eternally grateful for everything his parents did for him because they not only gave him incredible opportunities, but also the strength to pursue them.

El-Tayeb is from a Sudanese family and was born in Pakistan. But he grew up in Dubai.

Growing up at a time when the United Arab Emirate’s growth was nothing short of remarkable, definitely inspired him.

Learn more about how El-Tayeb’s childhood helped shape his future, and how it led him to Surrey.

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El-Tayeb's life at Surrey

At the University of Surrey, we’re proud to be home to such a friendly and international community of students and staff.

When El-Tayeb first arrived at Surrey after leaving his family in Dubai, he was greeted with open arms.

El-Tayeb did everything he could to make the most of his university experience. From joining clubs and societies, to making friends with other students from across the world.

Joining Team Surrey Football Club was one of the highlights of his university experience, and it was on the football pitch that he made friends for life.

From late nights in the Library, to summer days spent by the lake, discover how Surrey became El-Tayeb’s home away from home.

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El-Tayeb's experience with Student Enterprise

At the University of Surrey, we encourage entrepreneurial students of all disciplines to pursue their business ideas.

Through our Student Enterprise programme, we give them everything they need to turn their dreams into reality.

A hub of creativity, ambition and innovation, Student Enterprise was one of El-Tayeb’s favourite places to spend his time at Surrey.

With space to learn, useful resources, like-minded students and practical business support, he was able to set up his own business and secure his future.

Discover how Student Enterprise can help transform ambitious students into real-life entrepreneurs.

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El-Tayeb's future

El-Tayeb knew before coming to Surrey that he wanted to make a real difference to peoples’ lives. What he didn’t know was how he was going to do it.

Surrey helped El-Tayeb discover how biomedical science and business could come together to create something incredible.

During his time at Surrey, El-Tayeb developed an innovative solution to help improve the sleep of care home residents.

By setting up his own business with the skills he learned at Surrey, El-Tayeb is starting to put his innovation out into the world. It could help improve the health and wellbeing of people across the globe.

Surrey was just the beginning of El-Tayeb’s story. Learn more about what his future holds and how Surrey helped make it happen.

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