Zander | Sustainable Development

Zander Dale


MSc Sustainable Development, Class of 2016

I chose to study at the University of Surrey because the course looked great. I covered everything I thought needed to be covered. The campus was great too, and easily accessible from the town. The fact that the course offered the opportunity to do a placement was a bonus.

I loved the people on my course and made great friends. All the topics we covered were interesting and the lecturers were great. I still keep in contact with some of them. I managed to get a placement which led to me getting a job, so my current life is thanks to Surrey.

At Surrey I grew up and realised what I wanted to become. I learned so much about the impact of human life on the environment. I am now a sustainability and stock co-ordinator for a biomass company. I love my job because it deals with renewable energy, the environment and sustainability.

At Surrey I grew up and realised what I wanted to become
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