Ying | International Marketing Management

Ying Long


MSc International Marketing Management, Class of 2017

I chose to study at Surrey because I believed that it would not only improve my academic skills, but also increase my potential options for future work.

One of the best things about my course was that the professors were very professional and provided a deep insight into all aspects of our subject. I also liked that the class was quite international, which gave us a good opportunity to learn cross-cultural communication and be inspired by working with others. We also learnt job-hunting skills as part of the course, which benefitted me a lot.

My advice to students at Surrey would be to read lots of books relating to marketing and business management, spend lots of time in the Library and make sure to prepare yourself before lectures. Some of my happiest memories from Surrey were working on assignments in a group and brain-storming ideas. At Surrey, I definitely became a more confident, ambitious and independent person.

The professors provided a deep insight into all aspects of our subject
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