Kurt | Sport and Exercise Science

Kurt Taylor


BSc Sport and Exercise Science, Class of 2017

I chose to study my course at Surrey because it was new and exciting. When I visited, the facilities and the staff all seemed great. Being part of a small cohort of students on my course was really good. It enabled us to get the best from our learning and frequently interact with the staff.

During my time at Surrey I became far more organised. My course helped shape me into a researcher, which is the career path I am pursuing today. It gave me an insight into what working in research would be like, and this helped influence my future career.

I am currently studying for a PhD at the University of Bristol, funded by the British Heart Foundation. I am based in the Integrative Epidemiology Unit using casual inference methods to look at modifiable risk factors for congenital heart disease. I love the independent learning and making the decisions I need to take my research forward.

My course helped shape me into a researcher
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