Cristian | Sustainable Development

Cristian Patino


MSc Sustainable Development, Class of 2016

I chose to study at Surrey because experiences, human relationships, extracurricular activities and interculturality were just as important as academia. I strongly believe that I made the right decision. I grew professionally and as a person at Surrey.

The best thing about my course was the intensive learning delivered by highly qualified academics from the Centre for Environment and Sustainability at Surrey. We also benefitted from guest lecturers from universities like Oxford, UCL and Imperial College London. My course gave me everything I needed to choose the path I wanted to follow.

I’m now both a shareholder and leader in a new company called Halcon Data. We work with environmental data to provide real-time information, warnings and alarms. Our goals are to reduce risk and environmental impact, and to allow people in positions of power to make informed decisions about the environment.

I grew professionally and as a person at Surrey
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