Chloe | Politics and Sociology

Chloe McMath


BSc Politics and Sociology, Class of 2016

Studying at Surrey changed me as a person massively. I learned a lot about myself, my chosen subjects, and also about life and wider society. It was amazing for me to learn about different cultures through meeting new people and learning about their lives. I grew as a person so much during my studies because of this.

Two of the best things about my course were the lecturers and how diverse the modules were. I now work in marketing for the National Trust. I’ve worked in marketing and PR roles since graduating, but I am really enjoying my current role because of the charity and environmental element.

My advice to students hoping to work in my field would be to take part in more extracurricular activities. I would urge them to play sports or join societies, as it is vital to have the extra experience on your CV.

I grew as a person so much during my studies
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