Amy | Midwifery

Amy Weaver


BSc Midwifery, Class of 2017

Midwifery seemed like a calling to me. It was a career that just felt right. When I attended an open day at Surrey I felt exactly the same, and it became my top choice to help me train as a midwife.

The course at Surrey was structured so that half my time was spent in one of five local hospitals on placement. The rest of my time was spent at the University, either learning theoretical knowledge or practising my skills in the simulation facilities. My personal tutor and midwifery lecturers were very accessible and would plan regular meetings. I always felt supported.

Working as a midwife I have the privilege to support women and families as their newborn children enter the world. It is always a humbling experience. Training to be a midwife at Surrey has now enabled me to work as one for the last ten months, and I love it.

My personal tutor and midwifery lecturers were very accessible. I always felt supported
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